Monthly Archive April 2018

The first Consultative Forum on Anti-Corruption: Making Whistleblowing work




Representatives from the Ministry of Justice(Ministria e Drejtesise), EU, Civil Society, OSCE – The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Council of the European Union and Embassies in 🇦🇱️, gathered on 20th March, for the 1st Consultative Forum on Anti-Corruption: Making Whistleblowing Work.
The importance of improving the current legal framework for the prosecution of economic and financial crime, the cooperation between law enforcement agencies and police, in the fight against corruption, at a national and international scale, as well as raising awareness and encouraging of the public to actively use the complaint mechanisms in place, to report and prevent corruption, were some of the key messages of yesterday’s meeting. #Whistleblowing is an essential component of good governance and its relevance in promoting democracy should be noted, cultivated and spread among the public.
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The fourth Steering Committee Meeting against Corruption



On 10th January the fourth #SteeringCommitteeMeeting of the Twinning #againstcorruption gathered in a round table the leaders of the project from Austria and Germany, high representatives from central and independent public institutions, the European Union Delegation and representatives from the Council of Europe. The meeting was chaired by Mrs. Teuta Vodo, Deputy Minister of Justice, with the participation of Mr. Pirro Vengu, Advisor to the Prime Minister on Anti-Corruption. Among the issues discussed were those on the shift of the mandate of the National Coordinator against Corruption to the Ministry of Justice in September 2017, the newly created structures within the Ministry of Justice in order to support this mission, the importance of inter-institutional cooperation in this field and the need for the review of the anti-corruption strategy and the respective action plan, focusing on the crucial fields. Success models in the fight against corruption were mentioned, such as the one of the Central Inspectorate with its proposed inspections’ reform based on risk assessment. Following this, the progress of the project on the past 6 months’ period was presented and discussed, and future challenges on the common works with the other Beneficiary Institutions, such as HIDAACI – High Inspectorate for the Declaration and Audit of Assets and the Conflict of Interest, CEC- Central Elections Committee, HSA – High State Audit, and IDP Office – the Commissioner for the Right of Information and Protection of Personal Data, as well as the current and future cooperation with ASPA – Albanian School of Public Administration regarding common trainings.