Daily Archive Monday August 14th, 2017

Meeting of the General Inspector with the RTA of the Anti-Corruption Project and its experts

Today, on 02 August 2017, a meeting took place  between the Inspector General Mr. Shkëlqim Hajdari and the leaders of the Project for the Formulation, Coordination and Implementation of Anti-Corruption Policies at the Albanian Government funded by EU:  Z Detlef Kreutzer, as well as the experts of his project.

The Inspector General introduced Mr. Kreutzer and the accompanying persons with the substantial projects for the new formatting of the State Inspectorates; with the project on the legal changes to the Inspection Law in the Republic of Albania; the Digital Electronic Capacity Building Project for Online Inspections and the Project for Improving the Working Conditions of State Inspectorates. The Inspector General also introduced the need to strengthen the capacities of the private laboratories accredited in Albania.

All these changes will make it possible for state and local inspectorates to return to professional bodies with a career system, which will enable the rooting of corruption in the field of inspections in Albania.

Mr. Kreutzer stressed that he values ​​these modern, standardized projects that the State Inspectorates is willing to have and expressed his support for these projects. He stressed that the EU also supports and is working hard to eliminate corruption throughout the Albanian State Administration.

Source: http://www.insq.gov.al/takim-i-inspektorit-te-pergjithshem-me-drejtorin-e-projektit-anti-korrupsion-z-detleff-kreutzer-si-dhe-me-ekspertet-e-tij/