Mandatory Results

To improve governance and reduce corruption risks in Albania

(We coordinated our project with Gender Equality Facility in Albania of UNWOMEN. In this regard we will coordinate the development of relevant indicators where foreseen, considering special gender equality concerns in all aspects.)

Specific objective

To improve mechanisms for the formulation, coordination and implementation of anti-corruption policy in line with international standards, best practices and EU integration priorities.


  1. Improvement in the capacity of the Secretariat of the National Coordinator Against Corruption and AC contact points/coordinators to develop anti-corruption policies based on targeted risk assessment (including anti-corruption screening of laws/draft laws), and to monitor and report on the implementation of Action Plan measures, assess impact and set-up of a sound performance assessment framework including indicators and targets for the national AC strategy
  2. Improvement in the capacity of HIDAACI to audit asset declarations effectively
  3. Improvement in the capacity of responsible authorities and HIDAACI to implement the Conflict of Interest Law effectively
  4. Establishment of mechanisms for implementation of the Whistleblower Protection Law
  5. Improvement of effective oversight and control of political party finances.
  6. Assistance to the establishment of mechanisms for the implementation of the Access to Information Law.
  7. Assistance to the establishment of mechanisms for discussing the High State Audit’s findings through the Parliament and Government, as well as assistance to the improvement of cooperation between HSA and other state institutions.
  8. Assistance to improve public intolerance of corruption, through awareness-raising campaigns in the media and training, and encouraging cooperation with the civil society.