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Corruption – a challenge for you

Corruption –  a challenge for you: this was the title of the awarenessraising lecture held by Mr. Herbert Steiner, mid-term expert of the AC Twinning Project. The lecture was interactively presented to students of the second year of the bachelor studies in Economics and Law, at the University “Aleksander Xhuvani” of Elbasan. Issues regarding definitions of corruption, perception of corruption, Albanian legal provisions on anti-corruption, case-law and also gender issues and anti- corruption were discussed and questioned.

TAC Präsentation auf der EU Assistance Ausstellung

On 10th May, in the frame of #EuropeWeek2017, in the premises of EU Info Center, the EU Assistance fair was organized, where the Twinning Project against Corruption was presented.

Workshop über die Finanzierung politischer Parteien und Wahlkampagnen










On May 10, 2017 a workshop on the finances of political parties and electoral campaigns was organised in the premises of the Central Election Committee (CEC) in Tirana, with a focus in bringing the best practices of EU in our institutions. The workshop was led by Mr. Arne Koitmae, Deputy Head of the State Electoral Office of Estonia, with the support of Mr. Kimmo Vikman, leader of the Component of Political Party Finances in the Project. The workshop dealt interactively with the monitoring in practice of the finances of political parties as well as the study of several cases by evidencing the role of the responsible controlling authorities in Estonia and Albania, in cooperation with other law enforcement bodies. The participants were public officials from the Legal and Finance Department of the CEC.

The second Steering Committee Meeting of the Anti – Corruption Twinning Project















On 28th March 2017 the second Steering Committee Meeting of the Twinning against Corruption gathered in a round table high representatives from central and independent public institutions, the European Union Delegation, representatives from the Council of Europe and the Austrian and German partners of the twinning project.

The newly appointed Minister for Local Issues as well as the National Coordinator against Corruption, Mr. Eduard Shalsi participated in the meeting and expressed his interest and his direct involvement in the well-going of the AC Twinning Project.

After the presentation of Mr. Helmut Weichart, MS Leader of the Project, discussion took place regarding the common work achieved in the past quarter-year of the project, the problems encountered and the future challenges for the Beneficiary Institutions:  HIDAACI – High Inspectorate for the Declaration and Audit of Assets and the Conflict of Interest, CEC- Central Elections Committee, HAS – High State Audit, and IDP Office – the Commissioner for the Right of Information and Protection of Personal Data.

The project has been enabled thanks to the support of the EU, which with a financing of 3 million euros contracts 44 Austrian and German experts to assist for a period of 30 months the Albanian institutions in strengthening the policies and the human resources in the fight against corruption.

Meeting on the exchange of the best anti-corruption practices.

A meeting on the exchange of the best practices #againstcorruption between the responsible institutions in Albania and Kosovo, with the presence of TAC.