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The first Steering Committee Meeting of the Twinning against Corruption













The first Steering Committee Meeting of the Twinning against Corruption gathered in a round table high representatives from central and independent public institutions, the European Union Delegation and the German and Austrian partners of the twinning project.

This meeting enabled discussions on the up –to- date achievements and results wrapped in the first quarterly report of the project, September- December 2016, including the office of the National Coordinator Against Corruption, the support of the High Inspectorate of Declaration and Audit of Assets and Conflict of Interests in the frame of the law on the conflict of interest and the law on the declaration of assets, the Commissioner of the Right of Information and Protection of Personal Data and the cooperation between the High State Audit and the enforcement institutions in the country.

All these elements are included in the eight components of the projects that has entered its full implementation phase.

Through the Twinning Project against Corruption five Albanian institutions will be assisted by their counterpart institutions of two EU member states, Austria and Germany in the fight against corruption.

The project has been enabled thanks to the support of the EU, which with a financing of 3 million euros contracts 44 Austrian and German experts to assist for a period of 30 months the Albanian institutions in strengthening the policies and the human resources in the fight against corruption.